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KIS Expertise: Advanced Exterior Wall Insulation Solutions

Elevate Your Home's Performance and Comfort Levels

Discover the KIS difference with our Exterior Wall Insulation solutions, offering improved energy efficiency and increased occupant comfort. Our closed-cell spray foam creates a seamless, monolithic barrier.

At KIS, we utilize advanced Closed Cell Spray Foam Installation on exterior walls for both new and retrofit construction. Our technique forms a continuous barrier that adheres directly to the substrate, covering even the most complex shapes and contours. This fast installation process reduces construction costs while increasing your home's energy efficiency. With our sprayfoam solutions, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% for heating and cooling purposes. Our closed cell foam is dense, providing an impressive R-value of R-6 per inch and effective airflow prevention, making it mold resistant and ideal for maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Choose KIS for state-of-the-art Exterior Wall Insulation that enhances your home's performance and comfort. Trust our team of professionals to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique insulation needs.



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