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Boost Your Home's Comfort and Energy Efficiency

KIS specializes in Exposed Floor Insulation, addressing common issues such as cold floors, energy loss, and unwanted air leaks. Our spray foam insulation seals and insulates your home, enhancing your living experience.

Our expert team at KIS tackles Exposed Floor Insulation by applying spray foam to band joist areas, subfloors, and floor penetrations. This comprehensive approach ensures complete air and vapor sealing, significantly improving your home's R-value. Inadequate sealing is comparable to having no insulation at all. Our solutions not only provide an air seal but also protect your wood floors from moisture-related damage and prevent pest intrusion. KIS delivers tailored insulation services for both residential homes and cottages.

Choose KIS for your Exposed Floor Insulation needs, and experience the benefits of improved thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Trust our dedicated team of professionals to provide innovative solutions for your unique requirements.



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