• Thermal and Ignition Barrier over Polyurethane Sprayfoam

Fireproofing / Fire retardant Coating

Fireproofing / Thermal Barrier

At last, a fully approved Intumescent Thermal Barrier Coating over Spray Foam insulation for the Canadian market!

Flame Seal TB-C is an attractive coating which is easy to apply and has successfully passed CAN/UL 124-06 and qualifies under of the Canadian National Building Code. TB-C is the only intumescent coating in Canada which meets this standard. TB-C provides many benefits for the Architect, Contractor and customer. TB-C is an extremely attractive impact resistant coating with a semi-gloss finish.

TB-C is easy and fast to apply, and requires minimal after project clean-up. Perhaps most important, TB-C is very popular with the end customer both in terms of its aesthetics and low cost of ownership. TB-C is a spray applied thermal barrier coating designated as a protective covering for polyurethane foam plastic in Canada. TB-C is an intumescent coating, which creates a protective layer of Carbon Foam when exposed to fire or extreme heat, thus blocking the fire and preventing heat from transferring to the foam insulation. TB-C comes in white, drying to a semi-gloss sheen.

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