• Sprayfoaming basement with closed cell foam insulation

Sprayfoam Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation with Sprayfoam

In tackling basement insulation, it's important to understand where water vapor is being stored and where it’s moving to. Concrete is like a huge sponge which holds water and water vapor for years and years; when left unchecked it will continue to wick moisture from the ground and distribute it into your home for as long as your home stands.

As the wall dries the water vapor leaves the concrete and tries to penetrate the insulation and wall. This is where water vapor can get trapped in fiberglass and cause serious mold problems. A freshly poured concrete foundation will take 5 years to fully dry, and this is only if measures have been taken to ensure it is completely protected from ground moisture by waterproof membranes on every single surface.

Closed cell foam is one of the most popular insulation options. When sprayed in place it forms tiny, waterproof cavities that do not permit airflow. Our closed cell foam is very dense and offers an R-Value of R-6 per inch, not to mention the structural and sound deadening benefits. Sprayfoam also seals even the tiniest gaps and is highly mold resistant. Besides excellent insulation properties, the right kind of spray foam also prevents air infiltration and the formation of condensation on the cold side of the insulation. You should not consider open cell foam as it does not have any vapor barrier properties and will also absorb moisture, promoting mold growth.

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